Hi!  Welcome to my site.

My name is Dawn Pate... and I am, a new dawn!

A new Dawn- Emotionally, Physically and most importantly...Spiritually!

I am a new creation in Christ.  The old way of doing things are gone and a new life in Christ has come.

Because of this new life, I am devoted and committed to using my time, talents and treasures for the Glory of God.

I've created New Dawn Ministry to minister and serve in three specific ways. Through MESSAGE, MUSIC and MATERIALS!


In these three areas you will find 


*Personal Testimony

*Speaking Engagements and Opportunities

*Mentoring Information and Opportunities


*Music Testimony

*Singing Engagements and Opportunities


*Materials & Music Resources


New Book Release!

Strength Directed  

At seventeen, author & Singer Dawn M. Pate had big dreams. She was going to fly the open skies and become a flight attendant; then she learned she was pregnant.

After a second unplanned pregnancy, Pate realized she needed a change. In Strength Directed, she shares her journey of her personal and ministry life, revealing the struggles and circumstances she encountered and the outcome that could only have been orchestrated and allowed by God.

Pate offers a background of her life and tells how she became a Pregnancy Care Center director, overseeing the ministry to more than 50,000 girls in crisis and leading hundreds of volunteers in ministry service throughout a twenty-one-year tenure.

STRENGTH DIRECTED will help guide and uplift you on your spiritual walk, a journey that will help position your life to walk in the fullness of God’s directed strength.        

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